--(Orlando, FL)—Though economic reporting is usually 6-9 months behind the curve, Aagaard-Juergensen LLC (AJ) executives are seeing that Florida, and particularly Central Florida, is fairing better than nearly any other part of the nation in commercial building.

AJ Director Greg Roebuck has never quit being a student of economic conditions around the nation and the globe. “Once again the sky is falling! Not quite. Latest word is that 97+/- percent of American home owners are paying their mortgages on time. That’s an amazing statistic, when you consider that it was reported that 3% of the nation’s home owners almost brought the world economy down in the first quarter of 2008, with just one investment bank failure,” he said.

“The economy is doing well because we have high employment and high demand for goods and services over seas, Roebuck continued. It is interesting to ask why, if unemployment had gone up during the first quarter of 2008 stemming from the housing shut down in 2006 and 2007, then why haven’t all those construction workers been filing for unemployment? The headlines aren’t connecting the dots,” he challenged.

“We’ve seen that residential real estate has had a hard time, but we here at AJ, and what we hear from our peers, is that the commercial building market is holding and even growing,” explained AJ Vice President Mike Moore.

“People still take vacations, especially to Central Florida, and we can see that they are still spending money, even if they are not spending quite as much as in the past. Long term, this is good news for the commercial real estate market. We’re the ones building those hotels, expanding the airports, growing office buildings, complexes, and adding and expanding churches, so this consistent growth adds to the trickle down effect that blesses our local economy,” Moore defined.

“The competitive nature of the commercial real estate economy had the effect of helping buyers get better pricing, because it has been a buyers market lately,” said AJ President Randy Brooks. “Those able to get funding can now purchase property and buy and contract building projects for less money, and they are doing it,” he said.

“Look around Central Florida, there is still much growth,” said Moore. We have always been able to be insulated in Florida, especially during the past 10-15 years, from what other areas in the nation experience – those areas without our relatively lower land costs and building expenses. So, that also means we also can bounce back quicker from any downturn in the economy,” he explained.

“Commercial projects are moving forward differently from residential building projects, because balance sheets of many corporations are fine with net worth and profits. While there are still a lot of good businesses out there, there are also a lot of good banks. Those two parties will continue to work together to grow their businesses and AJ will continue as we always have, to build for them both. All of our peers also report that their back log of work orders and client projects is good right now, if not even above average,” said Roebuck.