--(Orlando, FL)-- Though the nation is seeing a slowdown in all forms of building - especially in the residential housing market - in Florida and Central Florida, Aagaard-Juergensen (AJ) executives are seeing consistent growth. They are also seeing a noticeable trend toward strong interest in higher priced air quality additions to commercial buildings, now being seen as one of the most important assets of a “Green,” eco-friendly structure.

“The construction industry is growing warmer toward ‘going Green’ and especially in the areas of reducing or eliminating mold and fungus growth, while adding ‘safe air’ environmental, mechanical air conditioning systems.” said AJ President Randy Brooks. “We are seeing that certain HEPA and Electro Static air handler filters, plus external air systems which inject fresh air into the building to keep the air clean, balanced and unsealed for better air quality, are being recommended by us - and also requested by the client, on a more consistent basis,” he explained.

"Though private businesses sometimes tend to be more reluctant when there’s a lack of incentives for higher up front costs in building operating systems and assemblies, we’re seeing quality companies and clients who are more willing to pay for a perceived value, especially where projects are generating revenue,” said AJ Director Greg Roebuck.“

In the past, building green has had its hurdles, due to the added up front costs and design time required. Performing a cost benefit analysis, including the life cycle of the assembling and how long the building will last - allows clients to make better decisions on up front spending. Then they can chart the return on the investment over a realistic period of time. Now that the political environment is pushing the green building concept, in conjunction with the economic realities of rising energy costs, the solutions are abounding, like they always do," Roebuck explained.

“The voice for going green is coming from both the public sector and government sector demand,” said Vice President Mike Moore. “The Leadership Energy Environmental Design Accreditation program, through The United States Green Building Council, is a very important accreditation to possess today, if you’re a quality–focused general contractor like AJ,” he said.

“This accreditation program is extensive and difficult, but very valuable to both general contactors like AJ and for the clients purchasing the project to be built. This is something that will most likely be written into building codes, said Brooks. To be proactive, AJ has always been ready to serve within all codes, in order to suffice all building requirements,” he said.

“It allows us to build LEED certified buildings. These are energy efficient, non polluting, ecologically sound and ecologically thrifty structures,” said Moore. “These structures always save money over the long term, and in the process, by building more energy efficient buildings, everyone wins with these structures,” he explained.